Ruggiero Rutigliano artist born in south italy  indefatigable worker experimenter of materials and personal techniques he has attended several art schools in Italy.
His artistic career-conceptual vision of the work between images of the past or simple sentences that manipulate and recompose according to new personal configurations in which he claims the value of the craftsman, emphasizing both the manual and the conceptual aspects. It draws images from the works live on the observer’s reaction suggesting memories and emotions has participated in several exhibitions in different cities in Italyand abroad in national painting competitions. Ruxs’ works are permanently exhibited in galleries in Florida and London, and will soon also be in New York and Brussels.

Exhibition of last two years:
– Exhibition Auditorium of the museum of Ancient Japanese Art “Bruno Lussato institute”, Brussels 09/2020

– Exhibition “One moment shapes 2 Unblocking” Bruxelles – Noon Consulting Gallery

– Exhibition “Beyond the horizon – Water scenes” Bruxelles 

– Exhibition “One moment shapes” Bruxelles – Noon Consulting Gallery

– Artist participating to Foundation “Help to help” 

– Exhibition “Fuori sede” Barletta, Italy

– Exhibition at the “Galleria dei Coronari” gallery in Rome, Italy
– Personal exhibition in Trani city-hall, Italy
– Strasbourg Biennial France “Palais Mitterrand”, France
– Personal exhibition “Gallery 54 ” Barletta, Italy
– Personal exhibition “Galleria Morgese” Barletta, Italy

– Mostre personelle “ErreBi Gallerie” Barletta, Italy

– Exhibition “Galleria Novecento” Barletta, Italy